Core Team

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"This sport and the hard training fascinate me".

I love rowing because of its diversity. It combines so many elements: Endurance, strength, technique, mental strength, elegance, ruthlessness. The quest for perpetual improvement of both my physical and mental capacity gripped me many years ago, won't let me go and will probably be with me for the rest of my life.

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"For me, peak performance means being the best in my field".

Whatdoes it mean to commit to a process and to follow all the necessary steps to reach the goal and to be the best you can be?-To become a high performer, you need to have an unshakeable confidence in your own path and be open to the best that others have to offer, to benefit from their experiences as much as from your own. This is exactly what I try to live as a coach. And to give Jeannine something to take with her.

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"Entrepreneurial thinking, clear values and the art of mediation".

Athletesneed to perform at their best in their sport. And they have to be able to communicate. With people, with the media, with associations, with companies. Only those who can put themselves in their place can understand which values are to be shared and communicated. And only those who understand this can find suitable partners and thus lay the financial foundation for their own small company called a team. The team that in turn gives the athletes the freedom to perform at their best in their sport.







The company "Team Gmelin

A sports team functions like a company. The core is the product or the sporting performance. Jeannine is responsible for that. To be able to find and call up the highest possible performance level again and again, you need expertise, the courage to innovate and the gift to communicate the latest findings. That is Robin's field. And the smart business solutions, the structures, the financial resources and the marketing are there to keep the company engine running. Daniela is responsible for that.

Our recipe? Give 100%, trust 100% and always challenge each other. And don't forget the fun.

Support Team

Behind each of my successes - whether a small boost or a fantastic moment - is a great team