Keynote Speaker

Communicate with people

"Most people thought I was too small for the top of the rowing world. Then I became European champion, overall World Cup winner and world champion.

I experienced what it means to get to the top with less than ideal conditions."

"Dicium quia voloritectia sit aut aut fugiaspere quibustibus dipsa conse nonsequia nonserc hiciunt landus esequi di simet et offictumqui ut ut officie ndignim oloratur sumquo omnimaximus sitibus sunt"
Alex Wassmer, CEO Kibag AG

Life Coach

Personal development

The foundation of my athletic success lay in the constant examination of my self and my very personal values. My deeply rooted convictions influenced my thoughts, actions and decisions. They helped me to row to the top of the world even in very challenging phases and to be the most consistent rower globally over several years.

I experienced what it means to endure adversity and to always bring out the best in myself.


Creative soul

Passion for creating and making

Even as a young girl, I noticed that I can be inspired very quickly by the world around me. In teams with other people, in nature, traveling and discovering other cultures - all breeding grounds for new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

I have experienced how valuable the process of creating can be and have learned to look at everything from different angles and find unconventional solutions.



Physical activity is part of my DNA

Physical activity on land or sea is probably part of my DNA after twenty years. I like to pass on my understanding of my own body, the effects of nutrition and recovery, and my backpack of knowledge from more than a decade in professional sports to individuals or small groups.

I have experienced how sport - and rowing in particular - inspires the body, the mind and the soul.